From one-room brick schoolhouses in the old days, to the modern commercial, institutional, residential & industrial masonry buildings of today – we’ve done it all. We supply and install every type of masonry – clay brick in dozens of colours and textures, concrete block, natural stone such as Tyndall, granite, sandstone and dolomite limestone along with many varieties of faux stone.

Load-Bearing Masonry

Load-bearing masonry – typically concrete block – has many applications: interior and perimeter walls, stairwells, elevator shafts, as well as reinforced 12″ blast walls and firewalls at industrial sites. In order to be effective, load-bearing masonry must be properly installed. BRXTON is highly experienced in all forms of load-bearing masonry. Our comprehensive capabilities – including own-source equipment and scaffolding – enable us to perform jobs of any size and at any location, including remote industrial sites in harsh environments.

Beyond sourcing good-quality materials, the absolute key to a high-quality, long-lasting masonry job is great tradespeople. BRXTON has some of the very best. Our team of highly trained, highly skilled tradespeople can quickly mobilize to any site.

No matter how big, no matter where it’s located, we can get your job done safely, on-time with the highest quality.