1926 Graham begins operating in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan as a family-run construction company. At the time, general contractors also completed the building envelope.

1945 – 1959 Specialization in the construction industry begins and trades (subcontractors) begin to emerge.

1960 Graco Masonry was formed as a specialized division of Graham. As the name implies, Graco’s main focus was in masonry.

1960 – 1984 Graco grows alongside Graham, with operations spreading across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

1985 Graham becomes employee-owned and, following suit Graco restructures as Gracom. Graham and Gracom move out of Moose Jaw and open offices in Regina and Saskatoon.

1993 – 2010 Gracom establishes offices in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and Washington.

2014 Gracom rebrands to BRXTON beginning that standalone entity restructure of Brxton Masonry Inc.